Studio Mitja Miklavčič

FF Tisa

Low contrast serif typeface

for printed and screen media

This low contrast serif typeface was an attempt to create a contemporary version of the nineteenth century woodtype serif typefaces. Some ‘humanist’ characteristics, such as slightly oblique stress, makes it easier to read in longer texts. Due to its low stroke contrast and relatively large x-height Tisa is also surprisingly legible in small sizes and works fine in demanding reproduction conditions. Although Tisa was primarily created for magazines it can be very successfully used in other printed and screen media, such as newspapers, annual reports, webpages, mobile phone etc.

The italics were created more as a secondary typeface and not so much to emphasise parts of text [for this reason fairly upright 'hybrid' italics were drawn]. Each font version include several advanced typographic features such as small caps, four sets of figures, case sensitive forms, ligatures, some basic signage glyphs etc. Font family is available in seven weights: thin, light, regular, medium, bold, extrabold and black.

FF Tisa is sold exclusively by FontShop International. Besides the standard edition for printed media FF Tisa is also available via Typekit or as a Web FontFont. A specifically formatted version of was also created for the mobile devices [more at]. FontShop also released an Office version which is carefully tailored and hinted for office workflows in applications such as Microsoft® Office® or OpenOffice®. The typeface was selected by the TDC judges to receive the Certificate of Excellence in Type Design for the year 2007.