Studio Mitja Miklavčič

Sports Park Signage

Signage system for the football stadium and the multipurpose sports hall. The structure consistently follows the guidelines of the corporate identity. Great deal of attention paid to create a simple and functional [typo]graphic system. Bespoke pictograms created.

Facts About

Booklet for Government Communication Office of the Republic of Slovenia. A concept for a publication which could efficiently represent the most important facts and useful information about the country.

Mobile Pictograms

Set of pictograms made for a mobile network operator. Created to illustrate various features of different mobile phones models.

Instructional Symbols

A set of bespoke pictorial symbols for a leading regional manufacturer of wood protection and decoration coatings. Visually clear symbols to instruct users on how to apply different products.

Interface Pictograms

Custom-made bitmap pictograms optimised for low-resolution user interface for the human resource application. The whole system integrates a large number of various platforms, devices and technologies, some with extremely low screen resolution.

Casinos Identities

Casinos identities for one of the largest entertainment providers in Europe which combines gaming with entertainment and tourist services.

Koda Books

Eclectic book series that opens a fresh and provoking sphere of dialogue, confrontations and convergences of contemporary theoretic and artistic practices. Examination of global and individual phenomena of a global and current moment. Encouragement of new and new senses from different angles.

Polet Magazine

Redesign of the magazine for outdoor sports and recreation enthusiasts. A lot of emphasis given to specific topics, such as women's sports, sports and family and to food and health issues. The project included redesign of the website for the on-line community.