Studio Mitja Miklavčič

FF Tisa Sans

The sans serif companion to the popular FF Tisa released exclusively at FontShop. Published in 7 weights, with lots of advanced typographic features, 883 glyphs per version. Suitable for information design projects and branding.

Banjo Playbill

A Photo-Lettering typeface with distinctive »baloon serifs«. Originally designed by Dave West, digitised and adapted for the online Photo-Lettering service. Characteristic by its unconventional lettershapes and relatively large serifs.

Gf H2O

An attempt to create a neutral sans-serif typeface. Containing an expanded characterset for all European languages using Latin script. It can be purchased in six versions [regular, italic, bold, bold italic, black and black italic] via MyFonts.

FF Tisa

Low contrast serif typeface. An attempt to create a contemporary version of the nineteenth century woodtype serif. Legible in small sizes, created for demanding reproduction conditions. Can be successfully used in printed and screen media. Available exclusively by FontShop.

Lucky Magazine

Custom-made typeface for a leading style and shopping magazine, done in co-operation with House Industries. Based on a Modern [Didone] interpretation from the Photolettering collection.


A bespoke typeface for the new graphic identity of the state administration organs. Winner of the public competition. A clear, rational and effective sans-serif that functions on various levels of the identity.

Go Sans

Suggested bespoke typeface with a distinctive technical character for a global manufacturer of large household appliances. Custom made typeface as a basis for the suggested company's corporate identity.